Business Coaching 

The purpose of Coaching is to improve the enterprise’s operation through interventions in its individual departments, in order to draft a strategy and carry out monthly monitoring of the implementation of actions for the balanced and sustainable growth of the enterprise and the increase of its financial figures.

Sales Coaching Services

  • Planning, implementation and safeguarding of the effective operation of the sales department (Sales Plans / Action Plan)

  • Restructuring of the department, allocation of competencies, implementation of processes, improvement of productivity and efficacy of salespersons

  • Growth of clientèle and sales network

  • Monitoring of sales results - via indices - and proposals for structural changes

Financial  Coaching Services

  • Sustainability check and financial analysis of the enterprise or its sector

  • Preparation of long-term and short-term Business Plan

  • Measurement of performance (profit/loss) and assessment of the enterprise’s individual business units or profit centres

  • Assessment of investment plans within or beyond the enterprise

  • Rationalisation plans in order to reverse losses and restructure debt

  • Preparation of a budget and system for monitoring-controlling deviations

  • Planning of a management report system

Marketing Coaching Services


  • Drafting of marketing strategy (target-audiences, target-markets, priorities, differentiation, etc.).

  • Revision of marketing actions in place (e.g. corporate image, promotional actions, above & below promotion, etc.) and planning of new, targeted actions (e.g. B2B - B2C sales, promotional actions, internal marketing - corporate culture, CSR, etc.)

  • Timetable and cost of actions

  • Monitoring of the plan's implementation, efficacy check, adjustments