Consulting Services

regarding Operational Organisation & Functioning

ALTIUS covers a broad range of services aiming at the proper placement and growth of an enterprise, so that its operational functioning results in the fulfilment of the strategic goals and compliance with the needs and requirements of the market.  ALTIUS also provides training to cover the thematic subjects for which it offers consulting, so that the executives of each enterprise - whether old or new - can harmonise their work according to the philosophy of the enterprise and serve its strategic objectives. 

Administrative Support

  • Strategic and Operational Planning

  • Drafting of Business Plans

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Marketing Plans

  • Market Surveys & Studies

  • Interactive Marketing 

  • Management and Sales Development

  • Organisation of Sales & Sales Plans

  • Promotion of Sales

  • Management of Human Resources and Customers

  • Loan Restructuring Studies

Export Support

  • Diagnosis of Exporting Capability 

  • Support and growth of sales network - Accompaniment of customers on business trips

  • Updating on customer needs in various markets with continuous detailed reports

Intra- entrerpreneurial Training 

Each intra-entrepreneurial training programme is designed on the basis of the needs of the enterprise, aiming at adapting the workforce of a company department or enterprise to current needs, the goals of the enterprise and the requirements of management.

Our scientific team tackles the needs of each enterprise as a separate entity, using specific methodological tools that are suitable diversified and adapted in order to optimise expected results.

Our lecturers/trainers have long experience in the market and cutting-edge issues, with noteworthy academic backgrounds.  

For us, intra-entrepreneurial training is not merely a lecture, but a comprehensive interactive programme that requires the participation of every trainee (through discussions, exercises, role play, case studies, etc.).


Indicative subjects: 

  • Sales Skills 

  • Assignment of competencies and motivation

  • Corporate attitude

  • Model service

  • Complaint management

  • Communications Skills 

  • Marketing 

  • Business planning 

  • FINANCIAL MODELLING - Tools & techniques of financial management for business decision-making

  • Investment evaluation

  • Financial analysis of financial statements

  • Budgeting and cash flow

For us, intra-entrepreneurial training is the ‘bet of our age’. It requires adaptability to new data and the need for training and change of strategy.