Grants & 

Financial Sources

Perhaps the most basic financial tool in the Greek market is the use of various developmental laws and grant programmes (NSRF, ‘Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation’ Operational Programme [EPANEK], etc.).

The new Investment Law introduces new values, processes and financing tools.

This creates the conditions for healthy, extroverted business activity.

With substantial experience in the field of European and nationally subsidised co-financed projects, B.C. ALTIUS is at your disposal for the authoring - preparation of your investment plan study and the management of the project until its definitive completion and repayment. 


More specifically, the services provided include: 

  • Identification of the optimal grant solution (analysis of financing opportunities on the basis of the needs diagnosed)

  • Pre-evaluation of investment using specific case-by-case criteria

  • Technical consulting support for participation in programmes financed under European Programmes

  • Authoring and implementation of studies for subjecting enterprises to the developmental law and Community grant programmes

  • Management and monitoring of the project until its completion and repayment by the competent agency

  • Design and implementation of business plans for inter-regional and cross-border cooperation programmes.

  • Investment programmes under NSRF, EPANEK, etc.  

  • Technical-financial studies for subjection to the Developmental / Investment law

  • Community programmes & Community Initiatives (Leader etc.)